Diversity & Inclusiveness


“Diversity & Inclusiveness” is part of Nestlé's corporate culture and values. Greater China Region is a market full of opportunities and challenges. In this market, “Diversity & Inclusiveness” helps us to think about the diverse needs of individuals, families and customers, and how we can act and engage in an inclusive way with society and our stakeholders. It will bring great value and enable the company to be more innovative to achieve its grand vision of “Enhancing quality of live and contributing to a healthier future”. We aim to provide a workplace culture that generates equal opportunities for everyone and where people are treated with respect.

Employee Safety and Health


Nestlé pays much attention to employees’ safety and health. We integrate health and safety awareness into every aspect of our work and life - safety and health campaigns, office cleaning, reminding labels on stair handrails, Fruit Day and so on.

We also provide various guides of safety and health, themes covering travel and health, occupational health, family health and safety, prevention and screening, stress and resilience as well as communicable diseases. In addition, health lectures and mental health consulting services are effective channels for our employees to get information and relieve pressure.




Annual Leave

Breast-feeding and Infant Feeding Scheme

Commercial Insurance

Company Service
Recognition Award


Staff Shop


Annual Leave

12 to 20 days paid annual leave are provided according to the accumulated service years and service years in the company.

Breast-feeding and Infant Feeding Scheme

We encourage and support breast-feeding as the best start in life. Our Breast-feeding and Infant Feeding Scheme provides Nestlé products of maximum amount of RMB 8900 to Nestlé moms and babies.

Supplementary Commercial Insurance

Life Insurance: death & total permanent disability arising for illness.
ADD: Accidental Death, Accidental Dismemberment & Accidental Burn.

Medical Insurance:

  • Annual claim amount up to RMB 10,000.
  • Zero-deducible, Claim ration: 80%.
  • Company will also cover the medical insurance for employees’ children. Zero-deducible, claim ration: 50%.

Company Service Recognition Award

5 Years – Certificate and Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine;
10 Years – Certificate and Swiss watch/suite case;
20 Years – Certificate and Swiss watch/suite case/pen;
25 Years – Certificate, bonus and holiday.

Shuttle Bus

Various shuttle bus routes cover most of the city.

Staff Shop

Enjoy employee discount in Staff Shop.

More Benefits

  • Annual Health Check
  • Annual Dinner and Family Day
  • Celebration of Festivals and Special Days
  • Free drinks and snacks available in pantries
  • Priority in trying Nestlé new products
  • Other activities organised by the Trade Union