Revealing Potential


People are our precious fortune. Therefore, we lay much emphasis on employees’ development. Nestlé uses high-quality development plans with the 70/20/10 model, which will help employees create their development plan that emphasizes experienced-based activity, which has the highest impact on professional and personal development (70%). Employees have various opportunities to participate in cross-functional teamwork, rotation/job change, special projects, etc. Relationship-based approaches, such as role models, ongoing 360 feedback and coaching, account for approximately 20% of the development plan. The rest 10% is activities including formal training, e-learning, seminars and books. With this model, we encourage our people to use a variety of learning approaches to bring the most out of their potential.

Enjoying Abundant Training Resources


Nestlé’s online-offline training system offers various learning opportunities and resources of leadership, core skills and expertise. Additional to the current classroom training, over 200 online courses are available on Nestlé iLearn system. Nestlé family members can use Nestlé iUniversity on WeChat for professional CEIBS online learning resources wherever and whenever they want.

In addition, we provide overseas training opportunities where our employees can travel to Nestlé headquarter for short-term development programmes. They can also participate in Nestlé EXecutive Training (NEXT) for further career development.